Vertical Injection Molding Machines

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Double Sliding Table Series

injection cylinder
‧Multi-section injection
‧Pressure Keeper setting
‧Stable mold filling cycle
‧Large torque hydraulic motor keep filling smoothly
‧Fully hydraulic
pressure clamping
‧Locking force from 90-120 ton
‧3-stage fully speed & cushion adjustable
‧Main cylinder pressure boosting
‧Moving stable
‧Prolong moldings utility life
‧Mechanical & Electrical protection system for cylinder of moldings
‧Double siding
table moved by hydraulic cylinder
‧Easy operation & suitable for variety insert processing
‧Upward the processing efficiency 30-50%
‧DC series
proportional electro-hydraulic flow control valves
‧Ensure mechanical running stable and low noise
Computerized touch control panel with digital input Faulty alarm shown automatically
Pressure system & flowing rate all adjustable, easy operation.