Dual Water Circulation Temperature Controller

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  • Model:D-TYPE

  • The panel control adopted micro, processer (P.l.D.) touch type, easy to operation.
  • Dpuble micro, processer P.I.D. automtic control, precision high, saveelectricity over 35%.
  • Complete with safety protection and error indication system.
  • Medinm circulation pipe with stainless, reduces pipe block.
  • Power off with automatic temperature decending, Power on with automatic air-exhausting.
  • ApplicationDVD, CD-R, CD and OPTICS, Electromic preciseproductsinjection molding.
  • Running cost low, without pollution,low noise pollution, environmental protection type.


  • Circuit breaker.
  • Motor reverse protective lamp.
  • Water shortage protective lamp.
  • Pump overload protective lamp.
  • BY-PASS system.
  • Buzzer.
  • Overheat thermostat.
  • Inlet temperature digital display meter.
  • Phase failure protecter.
  • Clean mold (Option).
  • Automatic shut down (D type).