Water cooled chiller

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  • Model:2RT-60RT

  • Employing all-new, imported compressor, complete with all-new import certificates.
  • Employing superb imported components, with longer terms of service.
  • High efficiency evaporator and cooling condenser in use, to help save no less than 30% of your power rates.
  • High precision digital display, for the temperature control.
  • Employing two sets of compressor which can be used jointly or independent. (Over C-10)
  • Complete with safety protection and error indication system.
  • Micro-processing controller, easy operation.
  • The weld of brass pipe is non-exidization (nitrogen flushing).

Safety System

  • Circuit Breaker
  • Pump Reverse Protective Lamp
  • Pump Overload Protective Lamp
  • Compressor Overload Protective Lamp
  • Heat-Exchange Fail Protective Lamp
  • Refrigerant Shortage Protective Lamp
  • Freeze Protector Protective Lamp
  • Refrigerant Safety Valve
  • Buzzer
  • High-Pressure Gauge
  • Low-Pressur Gauge
  • Water-Pressure Gauge
  • Phase Failure Protecter